Cabbage Patch

From the early days of Butte, the area just east of Arizona Street and south was considered a slum. Many very rough folks lived here and murders, rapes, theft, and beatings were common occurrences. Drunks, gamblers, old ladies of the evening and many other down-on-their-luck folks resided here. This was also a place where newly arrived immigrants from Europe found their first foothold in their new country. Life was without running water, sewers, and for the most part electricity.

Behind the Myra Building are the four last remaining shanties from the old Cabbage Patch, as the slum was known. These have been documented to be at least 105 years old and are all that is left of several hundred shacks that were destroyed mainly in 1940 so the current Silver Bow Homes development (low-income housing) could be built. One shack has been set up as if it was being lived in around 1905-1915. This really shows us today how very much life has changed even for the poor in the last 100 years.

You can experience the Cabbage Patch on the East Walking Tour.


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