Rookwood Speakeasy

Built as a hotel in 1912, the Rookwood features over 45 rooms, a marble entryway and a tiled facade. During the days of Prohibition (1919-1933) alcohol still flowed freely in the mining city. Bars were simply moved underground and Butte was estimated to have over one hundred illegal drinking establishments.

Recently discovered under the sidewalk of the Rookwood is one of the most beautiful speakeasies west of Chicago — and was featured in a History Channel production called The Big Build.

With thick terrazzo tile flooring, stained glass skylights, hardwood moldings and mythical griffins carved into the ceiling, it is easy to imagine the smoke-filled room alive with jazz, flappers and Dapper Dans partying the night away during the roaring twenties. You'll see artifacts that had lain hidden in the speakeasy from the 1920s until its rediscovery in 2004, inlcuding a "Hoover for President" button.

The Rookwood is the centerpiece of our City Underground Tour. The facility is also available for private receptions - Call Debbie at 406-498-3424. Contact us.

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